About us

We are Kristin and Owen, and we love our job of creating magical retreats for our guests to stay and relax in. Owen is a former contractor and I am an Alaska Airlines flight attendant, and both of us are real estate brokers.In 2014 we started PropertyFinderZ and started our journey of finding unique properties to fix up and renovate into cool creations for our various real estate buyers and sellers. By the time 2018 came around we started buying and flipping for ourselves. Things took a turn in 2020 when we completed our 3 cabin remodels. The plan was to finish and sell them so we could roll into other flips, but the night before listing, while sitting around the campfire, we decided to roll the dice and keep the cabins and turn them into Vacation Rentals. That single decision has completely changed our lives and business plan.

We pride ourselves on creating a rewarding experience for all of our guests. We buy (or help our clients buy) unique properties all around the PNW. We then remodel these homes to chic faux-rustic design. All the way through sourcing furniture and stocking shelves the process goes on. In 2021 we created Northwestpads, a company that creates cool escapes for us and our clients to use as short term rentals. We focus on creating experience based escapes for our guests. The goal is to not have our guests want to go anywhere else while they are staying at our properties.We love our family, skiing on Baker, hanging on our boat in the San Juan's, trail running the North Cascades, yoga every day, hiking in our back yards, traveling to the next cool spot, gardening, cooking all day, photography and of course searching for new properties to renovate!